santa claus is coming to town

I know, right.

Super cute, small, and festive.  You don’t have to tell me…  I already know.

I need to talk to you about christmas presents.  I must tell you, I really want one of Joy’s creations.  Aren’t they just peachy?  Slash are you reading this Mom?  Okay good, now can you write this down on one of your gazillion notepads?

For reminder’s sake, keep the note with you…  At all times.  Don’t loose the note.  That would be sad. You wouldn’t like it because for the next 12 hours you’d be wondering what insanely important thing it was that you had to do…  And forgot about.  And I certainly wouldn’t like it, either.

There are some things that make me feel like I’m actually twenty-years-old.  I do my own homework, though sometimes I’ll send it over for parental input…  Just in case.  I buy my own groceries when I need to, though it’s not completely uncommon for me to live off microwavable popcorn, canned soup, and trips to Starbucks for weeks at a time.  I have my own check book, I drive a car, I can date.  Keep in mind…  Can is different from do.

Don’t judge me.

But most of the time my brain can’t decide whether it wants to be ten-years-old or twenty-years-old.  My mom still comes in before I pass out to give me a wet smooch on the cheek, which I’ll always wipe off.  I still love marshmallows in my hot chocolate.  My socks will never match.  And that’s okay, though I never cease to be told that my left sock is different than my right sock while going through security at the airport.  Oh thanks for pointing that out, TSA crew, as if I had absolutely no idea…  You guys are definitely doing your job.

Well, today I want to be ten…  And I sure hope that’s okay.  Because something big happened.  MAJOR, actually.  I’ve been hit square in the face with these little gems.  I’m still a sucker for anything that reminds me of a big, fat, jolly old man in a bright red suit.

Oh, to feel young again.

You might as well call me the grinch…  Because I’m pretty sure I’ve just stolen your hearts.  So hate me, or maybe thank me?

Santa Hat Cookies

adapted from this recipe

(yields 20 cookies)


20 gingersnap cookies

20 large strawberries, washed and drained with stems cut

80g (a little less than 3 oz) white chocolate, melted


Fill a pot halfway with water and heat until boiling.  Reduce to a simmer.  Place white chocolate in a glass bowl and place over the pot.  Whisk constantly until fully melted and smooth.

Meanwhile, place 24 gingersnap cookies on a plate and set aside.  Remove strawberries from the refrigerator and wash under cold water.  Pat to dry.

Once chocolate has melted and cooled a little, use a knife and cover each cookie with a thin layer.  Press a strawberry onto the tops of each cookie.  Top each strawberry with a dollup of chocolate on top.

Happy noming.

Nutritional information (2 cookies each): 110 calories, 5g fat (1.5 sat), 15.5g carbs, 1.5g protein

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9 Responses to “santa claus is coming to town”
  1. NerdyBaker says:

    Don’t you just LOVE Joy?
    I have a question, how well or how long do the strawberries hold up?

    • ohshineon says:

      These cookies taste best when eaten in about two or three days. The fruit lasts longer if you chill them in the refrigerator, though I tend to find that chilling the cookies makes them softer (and that’s not really the consistency you want!)

  2. Mary says:

    These really look festive and delicious. They are perfect for the holiday season. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  3. Looks cute and deilish. I just wish strawberries didn’t cost so dang much so I could make them.

    • ohshineon says:

      I’m sure you could substitute another type of fruit for the strawberries… perhaps use sliced banana pieces instead and make the chocolate dollup on top a little bigger to cover the fruit? I know it’s not the same thing but it should get the job done!

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