Celebrating Dad & Weekend Things

My past week through some pictures.

Yesterday was a very special day for my dad. I say this because yesterday you wouldn’t have found me…

1)  poking him.

2)  hitting him.

3)  bothering him, or

4)  arguing with him…  I think he deserves a break at least once a year.

You would have, however, found me…

1)  making him breakfast in bed.

2)  doing his dishes

3)  bringing him beer, and

4)  baking him dessert…  Hello, triple chocolate and banana cream.  And yes, I’d suggest making this if you want your mouth to water and your pants to pop.

(Pictured: Triple Chocolate and Banana Cream Cake)

I know, I’m a wonderful daughter. Someone should get me a gift. Preferably one that’s pretty.  Preferably one that’s edible.

If there’s one thing my dad is willing to do to help with cooking, it’s operating the grill.  What is it with men and grilling?  I guess something about the combination of meat, fire, and seasoning, makes him eager to put down the sliced bread and butter, wash his hands, and take on the cooking responsibilities for the night.

I don’t really mind this, you see.  Because when this happens, I can eat buttered bread while I wait for dinner.  Bread and butter, people.  It’s one of the best ways to keep me smiling.

Sad thing is, our grill recently broke.  Like, “fell into two pieces” broke.  I was totally expecting this, you see, because it always ran out of gas, was probably as old as I am, and had a fussy attitude whenever we tried to grill veggies.  It didn’t like vegetables very much, kind of like me five years ago.

You can probably guess what we decided to get my dad for Father’s Day…

A new grill?  I mean, the level of “Dadness” is right up there…  Probably pretty close to having a mustache.  Or a pair of tan khakis with white sneakers and high socks.  No sense in trying to fight it.  Simply put, moms have mom jeans.  Dads have grills.

Yup, yesterday really was a special day for dad.  So Dad, this post is for you.  Happy Father’s Day.  I don’t know who I’d be without having you to cook for, bug, scream at, argue with, and love on.

So go on, have a piece of cake.

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4 Responses to “Celebrating Dad & Weekend Things”
  1. NerdyBaker says:

    This cake is SO right up my alley!

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