Sweet Nothings

I’ll miss our arguments.

I’ll miss your arm as a punching bag.

I’ll miss our trashy TV-filled afternoons.

I’ll miss your African tea.

I’ll miss our obsession with things covered in chocolate.

I’ll miss your “better-than-my-just-because-they-aren’t-my” clothes.

I’ll miss our walks in the woods.

I’ll miss your pre-bedtime routine.

I’ll miss your laugh.

I’ll miss our lunch dates in Boston.

I’ll miss your infected toe.

I’ll miss your sweet tooth.

I’ll miss our waffle Sundays.

I’ll miss your undeniable ability to never pay attention to a word I say while I’m talking to you.

I’ll miss our bike rides.

I’ll miss your love of the little things.

I’ll miss our late-night runs and the sweet scent of honey suckle trees.

I’ll miss your happy demeanor.

I’ll miss your infectious love.

I’ll miss your beautiful face.

I’ll miss your wonderful heart.

And yes, I’ll even miss you.

But I’ll be seeing you in a week…

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