Orange Coconut Sugar Cookies

So get this. Around this time each year, it’s important to be thankful for what you already have. Like fingers. And toes. And your taste buds.  You should really take care of those. That’s when I thought of “christmas” and “cookies.”  Good, right? I hate baking cookies.  Like, truly truly hate it.  I’m no good … Continue reading


salted milk chocolate fudge heart cookies

Well, it’s almost the new year. Which means, among other things that now is probably a good time to come up with a resolution.  Perhaps something along the lines of “I will not eat any more cookies made out of butter and rich milk chocolate coated in sea salt in 2014.” Great.  That gives you … Continue reading


life lately

1. Bad:  That snowing slash raining slash freezing thing that’s been happening this week…  Well it’s going to keep happening for a while. Good:  It’s pretty, right? 2. Bad:  December is halfway done meaning that Christmas has come and gone and New Years was a disaster and before you know it Valentine’s Day is here … Continue reading


food for thought [pun totally intended]

The residents of Boston know the city to be many things:  it is one of the oldest cities in the country and is the origin of the American revolution.  it established the first public garden, the first subway system, and the first Dunkin Donuts.  it is the first state to legalize gay marriage.  it is unparalleled in its … Continue reading


sweet potato, molasses & pomegranate waffles

Thanksgiving. It came and it went.  I assume you all had lovely holidays consumed by drunk family members and noisy conversations.  Just kidding.  Nut really, i’m not. I’m sure you ate turkey and butter with mashed potatoes.  Wait, did i say that?  I meant butter with mashed potatoes.  And i’ll assume marshmallows and pumpkin pie … Continue reading


brown sugar & apple oat bread with rum

Good morning. Did you know that bulletproof suits now exist?  I’m floored.  Some Canadians just decided to weave this special military fabric into a standard three-piece pinstripe to stop little metal things moving towards you faster than the speed of sound…  Because Canada of all places should be worrying about these sorts of things.  I guess … Continue reading



what’s happening. [credit] 1.  according to a recent psych study, meaningless distractions can actually boost creativity.  what’s even crazier…  wasting time with youtube videos of cats or hardcore parkore activities increases productivity…  to a limit. 2.  whether we like it or not, increasing inequality and growing democratic peace are compatible.  what’s even crazier… conservationism is … Continue reading


Sausage, Jalapeño & Garlic Cheddar Grilled Cheese

My father warned me. He warned me to be careful when I chopped jalapeños.  He warned me that they are very hot and whatever surface they touch leaves behind a trail of spice.  He warned my mom to not eat the cheese off of the cutting board where I, prior to cutting the cheese, had … Continue reading


Mashed Potato Jalapeño Cheddar Waffles

World talk. Iran and the six world powers, including the US, are expected to announce a deal today on Iran’s controversial “go nuclear for peaceful purposes” program.  If Iran chooses to halt advancing its nuclear program, the international community would ease up on sanctions crippling its economy.  Is this a breakthrough?  Don’t hold your breath.  Really, … Continue reading

afterlight (6)

life lately

I have no new posts.  Why haven’t I had time to cook?  Because I have a job.  Why do I have a job?  So I can buy things.  Food things.  Blog things.  So I can post them for you.  See, we’ve made a total circle. And on the weekends I’ve been busying myself with picnics, … Continue reading


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