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life lately

I’ve been thinking a lot about life, lately.  About why and in what ways I take it too seriously.  About why and in what ways I settle.  About how and in what ways I can find more joy.  About how and in what ways I can become more passionate, more loving, more patient, more human(e). … Continue reading

Banana Nutella Buttermilk Doughnuts

Banana Buttermilk Doughnuts with Nutella

Dear life, Sometimes you can be ugly and stupid and mean and hard, testing my patience with crazy drivers and very rude people.  Sometimes you encourage me to complain about doing something while I’m doing it.  And sometimes you spit on my shoes. When this happens, I feel a strong urge to punch you in the … Continue reading

spicy sweet potato & green lentil soup

Curried Pumpkin & Spicy Green Lentil Soup

Sleeping. Every health magazine says it’s good for you.  But apparently sleep cleans your brain, too.  Think of it this way:  The brain is an aquarium and if your fish tank isn’t clean your brain cells will die. If that’s the case, my brain is a murky swamp. Anyone who has ever drizzled, doused or — heck … Continue reading

spicy bbq sweet potato waffles

Spicy BBQ Sweet Potato Waffles

Don’t freak out. I know, you must think I’m an incredibly disturbed human being to put barbecue sauce in waffles.  But these aren’t regular waffles.  These are sweet potato waffles. Spicy sweet potato waffles with barbecue sauce.  Or something like that. We’re not boring here, people.  It’s party time. You may think I’ve been slacking off with … Continue reading

Vanilla, Honey & Cardamom Sweet Bread 8

Vanilla, Honey & Cardamom Sweet Bread

So for the last two weeks I’ve been very sick. Like, I-think-I-may-have-had-pneumonia-sick.  So the story here is that I’ve been a vegetarian for about a year and a half, yet it amazes me how often I get lectured on the correlation between being sick and my lack of meat protein intake. Seriously?  Leave me alone. … Continue reading

Through Kenya's Eyes

to keep your minds at ease…

I am still alive. If you think I’ve been slacking, that would be absolutely true. But if you’re insanely discontent with my lack of blogging… Visit my photography blog.  Because photos are cool.  Just ask Instagram. D I V E R S I T Y

Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Pancakes

I hope you like pancakes

Let’s talk pancakes, shall we?  After all, today is National Pancake Day… You’ve already seen about a gazillion trillion pancake recipes on this blog.  And guess what, ya’ll?  Expect more. This leads me to the obvious:  The best pancake recipes posted for you here.  In one place.  Happy place found. Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Banana Pancakes … Continue reading

Cocoa Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Waffles 2

Cocoa Vanilla Bean Pomegranate Waffles

Snow days. I love those mornings.  Don’t you? Starting a day with a quick gaze out the window, only to see a beautiful layer of fresh snow defines a New England childhood.  Those kind of moments encourage time to stand still and allow you to simply be.  And gaze. On regular mornings, other things creep … Continue reading

Spicy Garlic Potato Wedges

Spicy Garlic Breaded Potato Wedges

It’s time to carbo-load. When I was little there were only two foods I would eat:  spaghetti and chicken fingers.  When out to dinner, my parents would beg me to order something else.  I’d refuse.  I would make a fuss and crawl across the the table.  Everyone has these not-so-mature moments…  Only yours probably didn’t last … Continue reading

Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

Chocolate Cake Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze

If you happen to drop by this morning, I hope you are craving chocolate. Oh, I forgot…  Doughnuts, too. If you are, feel free to knock on my door and kick off your shoes so long as your feet don’t smell.  I also won’t protest if you feel like volunteering to clean up my messy … Continue reading


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